Our Story

Bishop Image Group is the fearless commercial printer. We print and install signage, banners, tradeshow graphics and just about anything else a business could ever need to communicate and sell. What sets us apart is our ability to solve complex and/or last-minute projects that would terrify most commercial printers. We’re confident, entrepreneurial, agile, creative, resourceful, resilient and above all things – reliable. Whatever the challenge, we’ll bend reality if necessary to help our clients succeed.


  • 2001

    Chris Bishop forms commercial sign and graphics company with a partner.

  • 2001 – 2013

    Business Booms

  • 2013

    Partners separate, Chris forms Bishop Image Group (BIG).

  • 2014

    BIG hires first FT salesperson, business begins to accelerate.

  • 2015

    BIG achieves 100%+ growth over previous year.

  • 2016

    Business nearly doubles from previous year.

  • 2017 – Present

    We’ve continued to purchase the latest equipment and have moved into a new state of the art facility with 4 times more square footage to allow us to continue our growth in the coming years.

Leadership Team

Chris Bishop


What do you do at BIG?

Everything. I work with clients. I manage our core and extended team. I plan for growth, making sure we have the right technologies and processes in place to meet our clients’ needs today and tomorrow.

What does being fearless really mean to you?

It means finding a way to get our clients what they need. Even when there is no way. Especially when there is no way.

What do you do when you’re not BIG-ing?

I’m a proud dad and husband. I spend a lot of time with my kids. My wife and I enjoy having friends over. I love the Cubbies. I grill. I Netflix. And occasionally, I sleep. 

Josh Cravens

Business Development Manager

What do you do at BIG?

The core of my work is sales. I listen to clients and help find the best solutions to their needs. When there is no solution to their needs, I create one. I’m also heavily involved with client service. I manage projects and communicate with clients throughout the project lifecycle.

What does being fearless really mean to you?

It means working backwards from ‘yes we can.’ It’s trusting that we as a team will always find a solution to whatever our clients’ needs may be. It’s knowing that even when I don’t know the answer, we as a team will figure it out. We always do. And we always will.

What do you do when you’re not BIG-ing?

My home life is family-focused.  I have two young ones that I devote my free time to, and if the stars align with a free moment I like to dust off the golf clubs. I enjoy home improvement, hardware stores and tools. My obsession with home improvement and the knowledge of tools/capabilities have helped greatly in what we create at BIG. 

Jack Wilkinson

Operations Manager

What do you do at BIG?

I oversee all things operations. That includes production, installation, materials and company services. Really, my job is to make sure our team has all the tools they need to make sure we are exceeding our customer’s expectations.

What does being fearless really mean to you?

We do what we do as well as anyone in the industry. I see it when it’s happening and I hear it from our clients all the time. For me, fearless is about having complete confidence in our team and our products

What do you do when you’re not BIG-ing?

Big movie buff – especially crime thrillers, rewatching The Office, eating pizza (only on Fridays), biking and hanging out with my cat Tuna

Jeff Sirota

Production Engineer

What do you do at BIG?

I work with clients’ production files to ensure that they’re ready for print. I pre-flight, troubleshoot and make changes when necessary. I work with our print technicians and project managers to make sure we’re on schedule and in sync with our client partners at every step along the way. 

What does being fearless really mean to you?

For me, fearless is about creativity and invention. I love when the client starts a conversation with “I have no idea if you guys can do this…” In many cases, we don’t know how to do what the client is asking us to do. But in figuring it out, we become more knowledgeable and more confident in our abilities. Being fearless is embracing challenges. It’s a mindset.

What do you do when you’re not BIG-ing?

My interests are wide ranging and eclectic. I produce short films. I play lead guitar in a band. I’m a radio host. And I love hockey. Go Hawks!