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Feather Flags

Here’s a feather in your cap: custom feather flags from Bishop Image Group! Feather flags offer a simple and practical approach to all sorts of signage needs, from event graphics to exterior advertising.


Made from a heavy-duty material, our feather flags can handle heavy gusts of wind and rain without toppling over.


Feather flags are the jack-of-all-trades signage option. Their size and weight make them perfect for travel, and they can be used as event signage, trade show signage, exterior signage, and more!


Whether you have an internal graphics team or are in need of design, our team will work with yours to ensure that you have visually impactful graphics that are clear and striking.

Easily Spread Your Message Resistant to the wind and easy to transport and display, feather banners can be used and reused for a variety of purposes.


Why Bishop Image Group?

At Bishop Image Group, we’ve made plenty of feather flags for clients ranging from college campuses, event planners, retail, and more! Contact us to get a quote on feather flags for your business or organization.