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Your Old Commercial Sign May Be a Liability

Presenting a polished image is one of the most important parts of running a successful business – an old commercial sign just won’t cut it. Although the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover,” displaying a professional first-impression increases interest in your brand and attracts new customers. Choosing an eye-catching aesthetically cohesive signage strategy is one of the best ways to ensure your brand reaches a wide audience and maintains relevance for years to come.

Dilapidated, worn, and outdated signs present an unkempt image to interested prospects. You want the first impression of your business to encourage new visitors by providing up-to-date information and striking visuals. Old commercial signage might be holding you back from achieving your long-term business goals.

Recognizing Potential Liabilities in an Old Commercial Sign

Out of date signs aren’t only visually displeasing, they may lead to injury if left unattended and in deteriorating conditions.

Outdated Information

Old signs might provide a degree of vintage charm, but there’s nothing less charming than displaying incorrect contact information and old business hours. Signs are supposed to guide and encourage customers to visit your business, so it’s essential that they provide current information about contacting and / or visiting your establishment. When your signs present accurate information it’s easy for customers to engage with your company.

ADA Compliance

It’s common for ADA compliance requirements to shift over time. Older signs might not comply with ADA guidelines, so it’s essential to ensure your business is accessible to everyone by updating signs. ADA regulations include elements like sign size, font size, background contrast, and accessibility aids like braille.

Structural Issues

Tilting, leaning, cracking signs are a definite turn-off for new customers curious about your business. Not only do poorly maintained signs give off an air of neglect and carelessness, they may also present safety hazards if not maintained properly. Ensuring the structural integrity of your sign may entail replacing the sign entirely or rebuilding the support system so the sign is safely mounted on the building.

Wear and Tear

No matter how carefully maintained they are, all signs eventually succumb to routine wear and tear.

Here are a few common instances of wear and tear you might notice on your signs:

What are the Benefits of Repairing an Old Commercial Sign?

Before diving into a long restoration process, let’s talk about some benefits you might gain from updating your signs.

Increase Customer Interest

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: professional signs attract new customers. Repairing your old sign gives your business a fresh face, so you’re ready to take on new clients and stand out among the crowd. Successful signs should cohere with your branding, color scheme, and logo, while still maintaining a timeless quality.

Demonstrate Attention to Detail

Whether you’re selling used furniture, gourmet meals, or fly-fishing equipment, a professional-looking sign demonstrates attention to detail and shows that you care about the success of your business.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Well-designed signs increase brand awareness among customers by providing a clean, memorable visual to represent your company. An updated sign identifies your business, and can be a great centerpiece for spreading your brand image and engaging with prospects via social media.

Update Your Signs with Bishop Image Group

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