Choosing the Right Size and Design for Feather Flags

For indoor and outdoor advertising alike, feather flags are a versatile and timeless option that will make your business shine. Feather flags are designed to be bold, bright, eye-catching, and weather resistant, making them an excellent choice in a wide variety of situations.

Choosing the right size and design for your feather flags will make all the difference when it comes to grabbing customer attention. Here are our top tips on how to design effective and elegant flags for all your business needs.

Materials and Design for Feather Flags

Feather flags get their name from their feather-like appearance. They are designed similarly to a sail, with a fabric banner attached along one side to a stiff pole. This gives flags stability while still allowing them to freely flutter in the breeze.  

Most feather signs are fabricated using a weather-proof polyester fabric. Polyester fabric is easy to clean, highly durable, and can be printed with UV resistant inks that don’t fade with prolonged sun exposure. The lightweight nature of their design makes feather flags easy to transport and assemble at tradeshows, events, and festivals.


Feather flags are customizable and can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of height and size requirements. Generally, feather flags range between about 6’ and 17’, and the height of your flags will depend on their placement and visibility. For outdoor flags we recommend using large or medium signs, while indoor flags are more likely to be smaller.

To help guide your sign sizes in terms of legibility, we recommend using the 10-to-one rule. That is, lettering that is 1 inch high is legible up to 10 feet away and so forth. This will help you estimate how large your sign needs to be for customers to effortlessly read your messaging.


Feather flags can be printed either single or double sided, allowing you to customize the image placement based on the flag’s location. Since flags are typically digitally printed, it’s easy to customize the design and color palate. Select durable UV resistant ink options for long-lasting outdoor signs.


  • Choose bright, saturated colors that are attention grabbing.
  • Select fonts that are easy to read.
  • Make sure the lettering contrasts with the background color.
  • Select high-definition images that are simple and recognizable.
  • Utilize company logos and slogans.


  • Overcrowd your design with too much text.
  • Use low-quality, pixelated images.
  • Use similarly colored lettering and backgrounds (e.g. orange letters on a red background).
  • Use cursive fonts that are difficult to read.


Signs are communication tools, indicating your business’s location or emphasizing ongoing deals and promotions. To this end, the placement of your signs is the most crucial element of running a successful advertising campaign.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs need to be visible from a distance, and easily legible for passing customers. If you’re placing your flags along a road, ensure that the advertising copy is facing oncoming traffic, and the flags aren’t obscured by trees or other obstacles. You may choose to place several similar, yet different, feather flags in a row to grab customer attention and provide visual interest.

Indoor Signs

Indoor feather flags are less commonly used, but are highly effective for demarcating a sales area within a large store, or signaling the entrance to a conference or convention. Like outdoor feather flags, indoor flags should be visible, and help guide customers and clients to your business or event. Indoor feather flags are easy to move and set up, which makes them ideal for tradeshows and other temporary exhibitions or events.

Designing the Perfect Feather Flags with Bishop Image Group

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