Large Format Printing: 3 Ways to Make Your Business Pop!

What makes your business different? You might be a restaurant with a hot take on fast casual, or a furniture shop that sells innovative luxury-brand designs that aren’t available elsewhere. You know what makes your business special. But do your customers?

Walking down a retail strip, the goods or services that you offer might look identical to the competition. Driving traffic can often come down to having an image that makes your business stand out. It’s worth your money to consider not only what you have to provide, but how you frame it looking from the outside, and there’s no easier way to do this than having a banner or sign that signals this at the front door.

What is large format printing? It’s the process of creating documents in sizes A3 and beyond. The capability to print in large sizes has helped businesses outshine the competition that’s stick with mainstream regular printing methods. It is done on non-paper substrates including canvas, acrylic, or vinyl, and its versatility makes it applicable for a variety of applications.

The use of this type of printing goes beyond retail spaces and storefront signage. From performance venues to real estate, and even the sides of cars, virtually every type of business can get their image out into the world. Billboard advertising may still be a common method of advertising, but as printing technology has developed, the reach of this kind of advertising has expanded to virtually every surface that one can imagine.

In this blog, we’re covering three of the ways that businesses use large format printing to get their brand into the world beyond the front of your store.

Large Format Printing Offers Clarity

Your brand depends on a level of professionalism. Your printing must clearly and concisely declare its values and conveys meaning to viewers. Printing high-resolution images that depict this accurately is an easy way for customers to retain knowledge of what it is that you have to offer. Simplicity is key.

Images are a fantastic tool for teaching. Around 65% of people are visual learners, meaning that any information that they gather this way is more likely to leave an impact than if they hear about your business by word of mouth. By pairing compelling visuals with attractive text, you can speak volumes about what it is that your business offers by simply showing rather than telling.

With the help of a specialist in large format printing, you can create vivid images that will help make your business stand out. Unlike a conventional desk printer, specialized printers won’t smudge the pictures.


Who says size doesn’t matter? Some of the most impactful visual ads are done at scale. Big print jobs are a great way to do this. Consider trade show printing. In a crowded room filled with different booths, people get confused. With signs that speak at scale, their decision becomes easier to make. While the end result often boils down to how you pitch your product, bigger can be better for attracting customers.


Billboards aren’t the only public place you can use to get your brand into the world. Part of the success of large format printing comes from where you can print your image. The most unexpected places can often leave the largest impact on a viewer. Whether you’re using an empty window, a car wrap, or even the side of the El train, large format printing lets you turn a large variety of surfaces into ad space.

Bishop Image Group: A Leader in Large Format Printing

Bishop Image Group offers end-to-end large format printing solutions that range from consulting and designing to printing and installation. Whether you’re looking to install banners, signage, tradeshow window graphics, large posters, or retail communications, BIG does it all. There’s a reason we call ourselves the printers of the impossible. Regardless of your printing challenge, we’ve probably already done it!

We’re not afraid to take on complex printing projects with tight time constraints. While we may be a Chicago sign company, our scope is national. From coast to coast, we’ve made a name for ourselves on both quality, efficiency, and being easy to work with. Contact us today for more information about how we can make your company the talk of the town.