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Our Process

What to Expect When Ordering Custom Signage

You have found yourself in a situation where you realize you need custom signage. This means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. You might be constructing a real estate project and need signage to attract tenants or buyers. It could be trade show graphics for an expo you need done by the end of next week. It might even be graphics for your storefront to draw new customers off the street.

Regardless of your signage needs, you’re probably not an expert. That’s okay. Even if you’re ordering signs dozens of times a year, there are problems that emerge that nobody outside of our industry can anticipate. When issues like this arise, you need a partner that is fast, reliable, and can travel wherever you need signs installed.

At Bishop Image Group, we are the printers of the impossible. We are more than just a sign shop – we strategize, plan, print, and execute on your timeline. We are committed to getting the job done right the first time, and providing the best results with minimal hassle.

What does our process look like, and what can you expect during the process? We examine the process step-by-step through our xPrint methodology, including:

  • Idea Phase: Concept, Goals, Finding an Expert
  • Installation Planning Phase: Project Parameters, Setting a Timeline, Site-Proofing
  • Concept Execution Phase: Design, Sign Printing
  • Sign Installation Phase: Site-Specific Installation
  • Post-Installation Phase: Reporting, Quality Assurance

Sign installation doesn’t have to be a headache, and we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about what expectations you should have when ordering custom signage.

I Need a Sign Now: The Idea Phase

So, you need a sign. You probably have a pretty good idea of what it is that you’re looking for, and you have a set timeline in which you need the sign printed and installed. What you don’t have is a team of experts with the technical know-how to get the job executed.

That’s where we come in.

When we think signs, we start with the end in mind. What is the goal or objective of your signage needs? This might immediately seem like an obvious question, but there is a surprising amount of nuance that most of our customers don’t initially consider such as materials, installation methods, budgets, and timeframes.

We begin most of our mornings with an internal conference to discuss the various projects that we are working on. Many of our team members have decades of experience in this industry, and between us, we are able to problem-solve the unique parameters of your project.

Problem: I Need Window Graphics for a Store in an Interior Lobby. I Don’t Know Where to Start.

  • A Chicago based client had little experience with signage, but knew that they had to advertise their new space in the interior lobby of a building.
  • Given the storefront’s proximity to a train stop connected via the basement, they had concerns about vandalism, and were considering banners to mitigate risk.
  • They weren’t sure what options they had – other signage companies offered little guidance outside of the service that they provided.

Solution: Finding Sign Solutions that Work for the Setting

Many people don’t know that when it comes to signage, there are plenty of options available with materials, printing styles, and methods of installation.

For this project, we suggested that the client incorporate a mix of signs to meet their objectives. The client was initially hesitant to use storefront signage because of vandalism – thankfully, anti-graffiti laminate is an option that allows businesses to advertise without fear of permanently defacing surfaces.

Banners were hung above the door, but we opted for a two-sided banner. When hung, customers can pass underneath and see printed messaging on both sides, with unique messaging for entering and exiting the store. Window signs were created using materials that allowed for easy cleanup of potential vandalism.

What Do I Need to Get the Job Done? The Installation Planning Phase

When people learn about our sign printing methodology, they’re often surprised by how much effort goes into the planning phase. The planning phase is largely dictated by the scope of a given project.

Fast sign installation depends on airtight logistics. Before printing a sign, we visit a site to measure everything and resolve issues before they become a problem. Our design is based off of the unique problems that come with your project, not generalizations. Measure twice, print once.

There is no “standard job” when it comes to sign installation – a one-size-fits-all approach to signage yields poor results. We take on every project that comes our way as a challenge that we are equipped to resolve.

Problem: I Need Trade Show Graphics Done by the End of the Week. Help!

  • A client had a surprise trade show on Friday. They needed signage for a booth and had a general concept of what needed to be done, but were on a tight timeline.
  • They came to us on a Monday in a panic. They had less than 5 days to get the project taken care of, otherwise the expo would be a wash.

Solution: We Thrive Under Tight Deadlines

There’s a reason we’re called the printers of the impossible. Printing signage on a tight deadline is our specialty. While most of the orders that we take are completed within 1-10 business days, we understand that your timeline doesn’t always align with what others might consider unrealistic expectations.

The best way to find out if we can get a problem fixed in a time crunch is to contact us immediately. Our experts have handled problems like yours in the past, and we will be up front and honest about whether we think we can get the job handled.



Designing and Printing: The Concept Execution Phase

We know your goals, we understand the problems, and we have scoped out and measured where your sign needs to be installed. With an understanding of your objectives, we get to the bread and butter of our business: printing your sign.

Depending on the size of your business, you may have a graphic design team already. We prefer to work with these teams to ensure that their vision is translated properly to a sign format, taking into account elements that they may not have anticipated. For smaller companies, we can provide visually compelling graphics that will attract and engage your audience.

Printing a sign isn’t the same as printing out an email – it requires expertise to ensure that resolution, colors, and message aren’t compromised. A poorly designed sign can damage your reputation among prospective customers. Bishop Image Group offers professionalism and a record of proven success.

Problem: I Need Commercial Development Signage to Mask Interior Construction. I Have a Designer.

  • A client approached us with what seemed like a relatively simple task: they needed window signage on the bottom level of a commercial development to advertise the space, while also blocking out the view while construction took place inside of the building.
  • They wanted to use perforated signage so that people working inside could see out, but passersby couldn’t see in.
  • The client had a designer in-house, but hadn’t previously done work with large format printing.

Solution: We Work Alongside Your Team to Provide the Best Custom Signs

Bishop Image Group works with companies of all shapes and sizes, and our services can adjust to your needs. We have had clients with their own design teams who have wanted full creative control over the output, but we prefer to work alongside our clients to ensure the best results.

Why is this the case?

A graphic designer’s expertise can often be limited by their experience. Most of our clients are not sign experts – even with extremely compelling visuals, information can be lost in the printing stage.

Consider the example above. The objective of our client was to advertise space for a commercial development space. In theory, using a one-way perforated sign is advantageous as it allows natural light into a construction space. However, this type of sign is less effective at night – when it is dark outside and light is on inside, passersby can see past the sign into the interior space.

By working directly with your creative team, we can ensure that your goals are accomplished and that costly mistakes are avoided well in advance.

A Chicago Sign Company That Works from Coast to Coast: The Sign Installation Phase

Whatever neck of the woods you’re from, we’re here to help you in the installation process.

We may be a Chicago-based sign company, but our reach is nation-wide. Much of the work that we do is outside of Illinois, and our projects span across the United States. No matter where you need the job done, we’re here to deliver. Some of our more recent projects have been in Miami, St. Louis, Houston, and Portland.

Our local team will travel out to the location and install on-site. Pictures of the project are then shared to our project management team to ensure quality and results.

Post-Installation Phase

Bishop Image Group is committed to providing the best results every time you use us. We see every opportunity as a means to prove our abilities. Our clients are so satisfied with our services that they have used us for years.

If you have any issues with our performance, let us know. We take everything that we’ve learned from projects and incorporate them back into our brainstorming sessions at the beginning of each day so that each project is better than the last.

Bishop Image Group: Fearless Leaders in Sign Innovation

For over 20 years, Bishop Image Group has been America’s most trusted signage company. No matter the challenge, we pride ourselves on our quality and efficiency. Our portfolio of work is a testament not only to the variety of companies we’ve worked with, but results you can count on.

What makes us different? We’re not only known for our quick turnaround, but we’re also easy to work with. We take a Midwest nice mentality to our work – we work hard, and we play honest.

Our specialties include:

  • Large Format Printing
  • Graphics and Sign Installation
  • Design
  • Sign Fabrication

Looking for a new sign partner? Bishop Image Group might just be the ticket. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and discover for yourself why we’re the printers of the impossible.