Bishop Image Group

Case Studies

BIG win for Live Nation

  • Our client Live Nation is the largest live entertainment company. Each year, signage for new Live Nation sponsors needs to be installed throughout Hollywood Casino/Amphitheater (located in Tinley Park, IL) before concert season opens in May.
  • To accommodate a lucrative new sponsor, Live Nation needed several graphics spec’d, produced and installed in less than a week. Normally, a project of this scope would require at least 2-3 weeks to completion.
  • As “Printers of the Impossible”, we took this project on without blinking an eye.
  • We had one day to get to the venue, get all the pertinent measurements and information.
  • The lead staff at the venue puts their trust in us to determine every aspect of a project, including exact sizes, what materials to use, how to mount/install the graphics and how the hell to get it done in time.
  • We printed on 6 different materials and installed all the graphics over 2 days with three separate crews.
  • We got the job done a day before the concert.
  • Our client was elated.
  • Our client’s client (the sponsor) was elated.

BIG win for MB Financial

  • MB Financial was contemporizing the look of its bank branches.
  • One aspect of the MB retail rebranding is wall graphics – local imagery from each branch’s surrounding neighborhood.
  • We produce, print and install the local imagery in each branch.
  • For each branch, we receive raw photography from MB’s photographer to customize for that branch’s wall(s).
  • We field measure available wall space, crop and retouch the photo to fit the space and to ensure it looks great at a large size. We then print and install the image(s) at that particular branch
  • We work closely with MB’s marketing department, development team and general contractor to achieve a perfect finished product every time.
  • We completed nearly 3 dozen branches branches to date, with another 70+ to go.
  • We’ve were an integral part of MB’s transformation of its branches into a more modern look for today’s bank branch customer.
  • Most importantly; MB Financial is getting rave reviews from their customers about the great new look of their branches, including the image walls.

BIG win for The Cosmopolitan Hotel

  • As part of The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s effort to connect with high-end clientele, they challenged us to develop a traveling version of one of their hotel rooms.
  • It was necessary to be able to set up the traveling display on sand, grass or in the middle of a major city to ensure they could reach the target market on their turf.
  • It was also of vital importance to be able to ship the structure at a moment’s notice and hire skilled crews in each market to quickly set up and dismantle the display.
  • We had many meetings, discussions and design revisions and then the project was shelved.
  • When the client called to green-light the project, we had less than 5 weeks to build the structure. This type of build would typically take 8-10 weeks to complete.
  • We designed it as a modular structure, so we could piece it together and easily dismantle it like a puzzle at each location.
  • We designed, manufactured, transported, setup/dismantled and stored the structure for two years.
  • We set up at the Deutsche Bank Golf Tournament in Boston (just off the 18th hole), in/on South Beach (actually on the sand), the Meat Packing District in Manhattan, Universal Studios in LA and on the Las Vegas strip.

BIG win for the Illinois Lottery

  • A marketing agency working with the Illinois Lottery approached us with a concept – they wanted to create a traveling facsimile of an old-fashioned bank deposit room.
  • The initial task was to create something unique to the lottery that helped them stand out and interest people in giving it a try
  • We also needed to make the display easy to transport and set up in a convenience store setting.
  • After reviewing old projects and other reference materials, we developed a sketch and a rough budget. The client enthusiastically greenlit the project.
  • We created art layouts, ordered parts, modified materials, and printed graphics.
  • We assembled the bank deposit room display and developed a vehicle for transporting the display from location to location.
  • The display traveled the state and was used over and over. From time to time, we were asked to update the graphics to reflect new Illinois Lottery promotions.
  • Once it was clear the display was a hit, the client asked us to make a smaller, more mobile version.
  • When the display was lost in transit, the client asked us to recreate it. They couldn’t live without it.
  • The display was so well-received, two more states have asked us to produce similar displays for their lottery programs.

BIG win for Alliant Credit Union

  • Alliant asked an agency client of ours to redevelop its logo and develop a new brand campaign. We were asked to consult on different concepts for exterior display of the new Alliant branding.
  • We offered suggestions on sizes and materials to help Alliant realize its vision, including material testing to determine if the ideas would work as proposed.
  • The project included two locations – both of their headquarters that were being remodeled at the time. Our work scope included printing and installation of temporary graphics for pre-construction as well as permanent graphics once the remodel was complete.
  • We received artwork from our client and handled the process from that point forward.
  • We produced the artwork, created the temporary graphics and then returned to Alliant’s locations in six months to replace them with permanent graphics.
  • We were able to adjust the graphics and adapt to the changing environment.
  • We worked with building management and the Alliant team to coordinate the best placement and install times, etc.
  • We continue to work with our agency client and Alliant on many projects.
  • We’re excited to continue this partnership as Alliant expands its HQ and moves another location to a larger facility next year.
  • Through the work we’ve done, Alliant is able to promote its brand internally – and improve employee morale.

BIG win for Ascend Real Estate Group

  • Out of the blue we got a call from a marketing agency that we had not worked with before.
  • The agency’s client knew of us and wanted us to produce and install their signage.
  • The project included interior and exterior graphics. The client also wanted us to build a light wall.
  • We met with the construction team and marketing agency to develop a plan of attack.
  • Significant planning was required as there were multiple materials, graphics and locations.
  • We were given the go-ahead to print and prep materials – even though the space wasn’t constructed. This required constant communication with the on-site construction team and two return trips to verify. Measure twice, install once!
  • Even though graphic files were not received until the 11th hour installation was completed on time and the light wall was a perfect fit.
  • The light wall had less than 1/32″ space around the perimeter. The interior mural was a thing of beauty and all of the other graphics fit the specs exactly.
  • Not only did the client praise our efforts, but the building owner sent a note of gratitude. We pulled this project off in a short amount of time and got it right the first time.