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art submission


To ensure the best possible large format prints, please follow these guidelines.

Design fees may apply if files need additional work to become print ready

Bishop image group

Acceptable file formats

  • Provide files as editable vector artwork.
  • Preferred file format is AI, but high res PDFs, EPS, and INDD files are also acceptable.
  • Package files to ensure links and fonts are included.
  • Indicate the scale used for art creation.

Bishop image group

Bleed and safe area

  • Provide bleed on all layouts, between 1/4” – 1”.
  • When designing for banners or large window graphics, keep critical elements, such as logos or type, at least 2” away from all edges.

Bishop image group

Color space

  • Build exclusively as CMYK.
  • Apply Pantones as spot colors where needed.
  • RGB/Hex values are not acceptable for print.
  • Please note, we cannot match CMYK values – these will print as is.

Bishop image group

Fonts, styles and links

  • Outline type or supply fonts.
  • Supply or embed any illustrations or graphics linked in the layout.
  • Images should be a minimum of 100 ppi at 100% of final size. If the file is built at an alternate scale make sure resolution is appropriate to reduced scale. Example, at 1:4 scale resolution should read 400 ppi in the links palette

Bishop image group

Transmitting your files

  • Files can be sent via email to the sales or project team member handling your account.
  • Files can be supplied as attachments, if size allows, or you can provide a link via a file sharing site, like

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