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xPrint ™: Our Print

Management Methodology

Simple, comprehensive and repeatable, xPrint takes the guesswork out of every print project.

Most printers have some idea of what they’re doing. But they keep that idea to themselves. You can’t always see how they’re managing your project – the steps they’re taking to ensure a successful project outcome.

Over the years, we’ve built a comprehensive methodology which encapsulates the overarching path every project must take in order for consistently excellent results to be achieved. We call our methodology xPrint.
Basic Project Requirements
We survey, photograph, measure, discuss the “top layer” of your project. This give us a comprehensive overview of your needs.
Detailed Project Parameters
Our second step is to discuss graphic sizes, colors, resolution and graphic finishing. Now we have a mutual understanding of what we’re going to print for you and exactly how we’re going to print it.
Installation Planning
Moving beyond print requirements, we dive into installation locations, teams, methods, resources and timing.
We visit (or, as the case may be, return to) the install site(s) in order to survey, photograph, measure, and discuss site-level details. This is a critical step in removing every possible project pitfall.
Our experienced print technicians print or manufacture your graphics and/or signage using our state-of-the-art printing or sign making platforms.
We transport your printed materials to the install locations and our seasoned install teams go to work.
Post Project Report
We prepare and deliver a concise report detailing any critical project learnings or recommendations for future projects.

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