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Acrylic Displays

Show off your business’s logo, slogan, or other branding elements with a beautiful acrylic display.

Acrylic Displays

Durable Materials and Professional Presentation

Acrylic displays and signage are ideal for retail stores, restaurants, and various storefronts due to their unique versatility and durability. From housing your menu to displaying signs and logos, acrylic displays can transform your space and give it a more professional look.

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Acrylic is just as transparent as glass, and it can create the illusion of more space in small areas.

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Acrylic displays can protect your items from fingerprints and even the sun.

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Unlike glass, acrylic displays are shatterproof, they resist impacts, and they won’t fade with time.

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Easy to Clean

You can simply wipe down your acrylic display with a damp microfiber cloth.

Versatile and Functional Acrylic Displays

Bishop Image Group has created countless displays for every purpose. Whether you want to keep your expensive items safe or make your freshly baked items visible, contact us today to learn more about our process.


We have 25 years of experience in creating beautiful acrylic displays and signage.


Quality Materials

We use the finest materials to craft stunning acrylic displays that will last a lifetime.

At Bishop Image Group, we combine 25 years of expertise with unmatched customer service and top-quality signage. Experience our fearless commitment to achieving excellence.