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Street & Sidewalk Graphics

Make your messaging capture their attention with bold street and sidewalk graphics.

Street and Sidewalk Graphics

Branding, Wayfinding, and Advertising Made Easy

Whether you want to help people find their way to your business or want to make your brand memorable to passersby, street and sidewalk graphics are a fun and novel way to send a message. When used in areas with heavy foot traffic, they can generate more business and help your audience find you.

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Low Cost & High Impact

Street and sidewalk graphics can have an enormous impact with a small price tag.

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When A-frame signs or sidewalk signs aren’t an option, street and sidewalk graphics are!

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The creativity in street and sidewalk graphics really captures attention.

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Street and sidewalk graphics are made to last, even in rain, snow, and high foot traffic.

Spruce Up Your Space with Street & Sidewalk Graphics

When space is limited, finding creative ways to advertise your business can be a challenge. Bishop Image Group fabricates beautiful and bold street and sidewalk graphics for businesses of all types. Contact us today for your quote.

Years of Experience

We have been making quality street and sidewalk graphics for more than two decades.


Quality Workmanship

We take pride in our products, and we want you to love them, too.

At Bishop Image Group, we combine 25 years of expertise with unmatched customer service and top-quality signage. Experience our fearless commitment to achieving excellence.