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Educational Signage: How Universities Leverage Internal and External School Signage

Higher education has come to understand the importance that educational signage plays in orienting students to campus life.

We all remember our first weeks in college: new friends, exciting courses, and a sense of freedom navigating our new lives. Without the same level of supervision, new students require signs that can direct them to where they need to go. Where do they need to register? What buildings do they have class in?

Colleges and universities rely on signage for a variety of purposes. While many organizations, colleges included, use signage to advertise programs and services for the purpose of sales, signs can also serve a functional purpose. They can direct people to areas they need to go, as well as places which are off-limits.

What role does educational signage play in campus life? We examine what kinds of signs are most used by colleges and universities, and why having a signage partner helps ensure that your students’ needs are being met.

Educational Signage for Orienting New Students

When students arrive on campus, they’re likely to be a little confused. Whether it be prospective students seeing whether your college is the right match, or new students signing up for classes, young adults need a helping hand to get adjusted to the ins and outs of campus life. Directional signage can offer a simple way to orient themselves to an unfamiliar place.

Educational signage doesn’t have to be reinvented every year – when it is made of the right materials and has a simple message, it can be used for years as needed. It doesn’t need to include complicated graphics or extremely specific details – signs that boldly state “CLASS REGISTRATION” can generally indicate everything a new student needs to get started with their new life. More specific details can be presented in pamphlets and in-person guidance, which is more likely to vary from year-to-year.

Signage can teach students where to go, as well as where to avoid. Signs might detail important landmarks that they will need to know, like science quads or cafeterias. They can let students know areas that are under construction, or are specifically intended for athletes, faculty, or maintenance.

While these signs may serve a short-term purpose, their function is essential, and can be used over the course of many years.

Parent’s Weekend

Just because students have gotten used to a campus doesn’t mean that their parents will have such an easy time navigating campus. Many colleges offer parent’s weekend events where they can pop in on some of the classes their children are taking, and spend some quality time with their kids. Without the proper messaging, campuses might find an influx of confused moms and dads asking strangers for directions.

Luckily, many of the signs that you might need for student orientation can be used again to help parents get to where they need to go. These parents are interested and engaged in the lives of their children, and even if they might not be able to guide their parents all day, offering them general information about the area will help ensure their visit is one to remember.

Alumni Events

Whether it be a 5-year, 10-year, or even a 50-year reunion, alumni will need a little bit of help getting around campus. Without the same dormitories to return to, they are likely to be on a different schedule than they were doing their student years. More, the campus might be changed considerably since their student years.

Many colleges depend on alumni donors to fund their activities. Taking the extra step to ensure that they receive care and attention during their visit will ensure that their reunion is a wild success.

Educational Signage Should Be Simple and Engaging

Many businesses use signage to draw sales – educational signage engages audiences by providing them with instructions. For people who aren’t experts on signage needs, it can sometimes be tricky to know what is needed where.

Having a signage partner like Bishop Image Group can help ensure that you get the signs you need, where you need them. We understand that many organizations, even those with graphic designers on staff, might not know the ropes about what makes for a good sign. Our team can collaborate with your college or university to ensure that every contingency is accounted for.

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