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Fast Sign Installation: Why We’re Chicago’s Printers of the Impossible

In an ideal world, things like storefront signage and real estate signage are planned thoughtfully over a period of time, but we’ve seen that fast sign installation is often necessary in our fast-paced world. Regardless of what your timeline is, you need a signage company you can trust for speed, quality and results.

But too often speed equates to lost quality. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of bad storefront signage driving down the streets of Chicago. In a bid to get the job done as fast as possible, a quick-fix signage company will neglect the dimensions of window signage, resulting in images that are cut off, stretched, or pixelated.

Just because you need something done with speed doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality. In this blog post, we break down exactly how much time signs, from commercial window vinyl to retractable banners, takes to make, and what expectations you should have when choosing a sign printing partner.

Fast Sign Installation: What to Expect

The dimensions of your signage and the installation requirements determine how long it takes to design, print, and install a sign. With that being said, it is fair to expect any job to be designed, printed, and installed within two working weeks – about 90% of the work we do falls within this category.

Of course, this is for a typical job. Sometimes you need fast signage installation.

You don’t always have control over when you need a sign put up. Sometimes a conference takes you by surprise, and you need trade show graphics printed in a matter of days. More, you need these signs to capture your attention in a positive light.

The purpose of signage is to signal an idea of your business to your customers. Bad signage done quickly can hurt your business rather than help it. For this reason, it can be helpful to understand what exactly goes into the process of printing a sign.

The Sign Installation Process

We use a methodology called “xPrint” during our process. This regimented framework allows us to produce results at speed – even if your signage needs are unique, our process is designed for flexibility and results.

Survey and Project Parameters

Fortune favors the prepared – without a plan, your signage efforts are poised for failure. Before we even think about printing a sign, our mind goes towards logistics. What are the basic requirements needed to fulfill this job? What does the site look like, and what specific measurements do we need to keep in mind before installation?

Once we have an idea of what our site looks like, we can hone in on the design. Whether you have your own in-house design team, or need our assistance, we can help – rarely are plans ready to go, and often need to be prepared for a specific site installation. Size, colors, and resolution need to be considered alongside site-specific parameters to ensure your message is read clear and bold.

Installation Planning and Site-Proofing

Even before we’ve printed your sign, we’re on-site making sure that every pitfall has been accounted for. We’re planning out our teams, ensuring resources are available, and planning for a timely delivery. Every site is different – we measure twice, and print once.


Finally, we get to the design phase. Using cutting-edge printing techniques, we are able to quickly print out your signage and prepare it for your site. We’re not limited to traditional printing parameters – car wraps, lobby signs, banners, acrylic signs, and more are all within our scope. Our design process depends on your needs – we are used to doing designs ourself, as well as working with in-house design teams.

Installation and Reporting

With all of the planning done and the print job complete, our team will visit your location to install your signs. The duration of an install is dictated by the site itself – every other aspect has already been taken care of.

We don’t stop working once your sign has been installed. A concise report is written up, detailing any project learnings that we have gleaned that might assist you with future work. Recommendations are made to ensure that your printing stays great today and better tomorrow.

Fast Sign Installation Shouldn’t Equate to Poor Quality

Considering all that goes into sign installation, you’d think that it is something that can’t be rushed. In many ways, you can’t rush perfection. But you can use proven methodologies to swiftly and accurately design, print, and install signage in a time-effective manner.

When you need signage done in a pinch, Bishop Image Group is your go-to partner. Using our xPrint methodology, we can do in days what other companies do in weeks. We’re a Chicago sign company with a national reach, with the tools and know-how to get the work done.

Looking for fast sign installation? Contact us today to learn more about our process – we might be just the thing you’re looking for.