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What Are Heavy Duty Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners are an attractive and versatile way to advertise your business. Made to endure a variety of climates, settings, and seasons, heavy duty vinyl banners are highly customizable and add a professional flare to outdoor events, fundraisers, conventions, and more.

Here’s why adding heavy duty vinyl banners to your next marketing campaign is both practical and stylish.

What are the Materials?

Heavy duty vinyl banners are made from thick vinyl fabric. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, vinyl banners are easy to assemble and mount using metal grommets along the edges.

Weather-Proof Technology

How Are Heavy Duty Vinyl Banners Customized?

Since each banner is printed to-order, there are limitless possibilities for design options. Digitally printed with vibrant inks, it’s easy to incorporate company logos, slogans, and graphics into your design. Plus, vinyl banners can be printed double-sided to provide advertising from all angles.

Customization Tips

#1 – Choose easy-to-read fonts to clearly convey your message. Make sure the lettering contrasts with the background color.
#2 – Select high-resolution graphics. Avoid pixelated or grainy images, as this will make your banner look unprofessional.
#3 – Pick a bold color palette that reflects your business’s aesthetic or theme.#4 – Don’t over-crowd your banner with too much text or too many images. Keep it clean and elegant.
#5 – If you’re advertising for an event or festival, incorporate seasonal elements to give your banner a festive appearance.

What are my Display Options?

Heavy duty vinyl banners are made for hassle-free transport and assembly. Relatively lightweight and easy to fold into a compact shape, vinyl banners are the perfect accessory for traveling conventions, shows, and markets. Banners are usually secured by lacing strong cordage through the metal grommets to secure the banner to a pole, building façade, archway or other location.

Some of the most common uses for heavy duty vinyl banners include:

Over-Street Banners

For street-festivals, historic neighborhoods, and seasonal events, over-the-street banners welcome visitors with timeless charm. Over-the-street banners are eye-catching, and provide pedestrians and drivers alike with event information such as dates and times. These banners are excellent for creating a demarcation for event boundaries during a street fair, art-market, or parade.

Building Façade Banners

Need a striking way too advertise your grand opening? Vinyl banners are fantastic for draping on building facades to announce big events, special offers, and new businesses. Banners hung directly on your building help draw attention to your location and entice customers to visit your business.

Building façade banners are also commonly used to alert potential leasers that a location is available to rent. Hung in the window or across the side of the structure, vinyl banners are a great way to display the rental agent’s contact information.

Construction Site Banners

Need to alert the public to city planning information, construction site details, or contractor info? Vinyl banners are perfect for displaying along the edges of construction site areas as resilient, weather-proof signage. Since banners are easy to set-up and transport, they provide excellent temporary signage and can be easily removed once the project is completed.

Pole Banners

Heavy duty vinyl is an excellent material for outdoor pole banners along avenues, sidewalks, and throughout college campuses. Vinyl banners mounted on poles are attractive and sturdy, and are perfect for marketing events, concerts, ceremonies and more. Since vinyl banners are affordable and customizable, it’s simple to switch them out to advertise seasonal events and rotating exhibitions.

Designing Your Heavy Duty Vinyl Banners with BIG

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