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Real Estate Sign Installation Provides 4 Unreal Results

Advertising on the front of real estate buildings is a great way to see returns on developing properties – real estate sign installation can help. Outdoor real estate signage develops interest and generates community awareness for upcoming or existing real estate developments and listings.

Effectively using realtor signs enables people to know about real estate changes in their neighborhood. These signs prove to be an effective tool used for informing prospective buyers about important information and key dates. Real estate signage can be used over the long-term to draw attention to your business, serving as an effective strategy for netting an ROI on your real estate development.

As a real estate developer, you should incorporate a realty sign strategy into your marketing mix to make sure your property is on the radar of prospective buyers. Still not convinced about the importance of real estate sign installation in front of your development? Here are four reasons that’ll convince you why to start seeing real estate signs as a powerful marketing tool.

Why does real estate sign installation make sense?

Even though real estate marketing has made strides in digital marketing strategies, signs are still integral to attracting buyers to any development. According to the National Association of Realtors, in spite of the lockdowns imposed in the wake of COVID-19, nearly 6 percent of buyers purchased a home only after seeing its real estate sign.

Alone or used in conjunction with other marketing techniques, real estate signage is a budget-friendly, simple, and effective method of advertising real estate developments. Besides putting your real estate in front of prospective buyers, here are the top benefits of using custom signage:

Displaying Contact Information

Real estate signage should have the name of your company along with contact details including a phone number, email address, a URL to your website, or any other relevant information that prospective buyers need. When the sign includes accurate contact details, it’ll allow buyers to reach out to you quickly. That means real estate signage will save your prospects the hassles of digging through multiple listing sites to find your contact details.

Helping you with word of mouth

Up to 80 percent of customers still rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews. That means when you go with real estate sign installation, you have the opportunity to tap into the benefits brought by word of mouth. Signage helps both your neighbors and your community learn about your real estate’s sale. Even if your neighbors aren’t interested in purchasing your real estate, it opens up the possibility for members of their network, whether that be family, friends, or business colleagues, about the property in question.


Most marketing materials you see today are somewhat disposable – after using it for one project, it has served its purpose and is generally discarded. However, signs like banners have longevity and durability – unlike conventional marketing collateral, signage can be used for multiple sites as long as the sign carries your current contact details and accurate business information. For budget-conscious marketing, this can serve as a major boon.


Signs are inexpensive when compared with other ways of marketing your real estate. Unlike digital marketing campaigns, a sign doesn’t require software, salespeople, or large-scale ad budgets to implement – you hang up the sign, and it does the advertising work for you. More, it can give prospective buyers a sense of the space that you are looking to advertise – a building’s exterior doesn’t always indicate what it will be like on the inside.

Bishop Image Group: Chicago’s Leading Real Estate Sign Company

Whether your real estate projects are residential, commercial, or industrial, real estate is an expensive investment that requires future tenants to net profits. Real estate signage may provide an easy method of finding tenants, but to truly achieve success, your signs need to be memorable and stand out from the sprawl to direct the attention of people around you.

The best real estate signage companies understand that success is measured by creating a memorable viewing experience for passersby. Will people be reading these signs in their cars, or as pedestrians? Is the information easily readable, or is it cluttered with unnecessary graphics? Will people be genuinely interested in what your sign has to offer, or will it blend into the background?

At Bishop Image Group, we understand that signage isn’t just a fancy way to cover the front of a building – it needs to spark questions and conversations. While we operate primarily out of Chicago, we have helped clients from coast to coast, and have achieved outstanding results.

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