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3 Things to Look for in the Best Chicago Sign Company

What should you look for from the best Chicago sign company? The best commercial printers operate outside of the box, and see every project as an opportunity for success. For customers in Chicago, this means more than just getting a job done in a timely manner, but actively engaging with the broader community through compelling visuals that draw from their surroundings.

While we operate nationally, our home turf is in the Windy City, and we understand Chicago’s printing needs are more than just getting your name onto the streets. Read more about how we represent businesses across town and why Bishop Image Group is the best Chicago sign company.

Traits of the Best Chicago Sign Companies

Custom Signs With Chicago Attitude

What is it that makes Chicago so special? There’s a pride that comes with being a Chicagoan – we may not be sure why we endure so many hard winters, but we love our city and take a special joy in representing it. Custom signs in Chicago are one of the best ways to express the flavor of your business.

As any restaurateur in Chicago knows, this city is filled with great food. But with so many options available, how do you make a business stand out? Some of the best food in the city comes from the least expected places – more often than not, people might not be going to a restaurant simply because they don’t know that it exists. Compelling storefront signage is a great way to make a business known to the neighborhood when good products or service isn’t enough to drive business.

Regardless of the kind of business you operate, owning a business in Chicago means becoming a part of the city. You wouldn’t operate a business in Logan Square the same way you’d operate a business in the loop – your signage needs to reflect that.

We may be Midwesterners, but Chicago’s “Midwest nice” is a bit different than our neighboring states. At Bishop Image Group, this means providing the highest quality service to our customers, with the kind of speed and efficiency you can expect from a company operating out of a major city. One of the reasons that people love our service is that we’re easy to work with – we get the project done with a smile on our faces.


Some people think of Chicago as a big city built of small towns. Because the city consists of so many different areas over a sprawling metropolis, each part of the city has its own distinct character that make the city a true “melting pot” of cultures.

Including the “greater Chicagoland area” with its neighboring suburbs, getting from one part of the city to another can take hours. The best Chicago sign companies are unperturbed by these distances, and can deliver the signage you need without any delays in printing or installation.

Printing the Impossible

Print advertising has expanded well beyond the scope of billboards. With more flexibility to print anywhere, companies are leveraging new surfaces to advertise their business.

If you’ve been on the El recently, you’ve probably noticed how companies have begun implementing immersive car-wide advertising on some trains. Recently, companies have began using every surface, from the floors to the ceilings to the outside of the train cars, to represent their brand, rather than limiting it to the space above the windows. Whereas a regular sign might draw your eye for a minute, this kind of advertising takes viewers beyond their normal expectations.

Car wraps, store windows, even wall logos and graphics – every surface in Chicago is an opportunity to voice your message and make your voice heard. A great sign company needs to be open to new ideas, and have the flexibility to implement them.

The Best Chicago Sign Company Operates Outside Your Expectations

The best sign companies not only know your business and location, but have the tools, flexibility, and aptitude to implement your signage needs. At BIG, we hit all of these criteria.

Bishop Image Group is a Chicago sign company with a national reach. Whether you’re on the other side of town, or the other side of the country, we provide top-quality results with service to match it. Outdoor signage, banners, office wall graphics, event displays – if you can think of it, we’ve probably already done it! How can Bishop Image group help your business attract new customers through innovative signage? Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and services!