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Storefront Signage: Let Your Business Speak for Itself!

Is storefront signage important for my business? When we’re talking about the front of a real estate development, retail business, or even interior graphics, our thoughts are not on storefront signage – we immediately think about the bottom line. Are customers interested in what we’re selling? Are they buying what we have to offer? These questions are all critical to the function of a business, but overlook one fact: bringing customers in through the front door.

Storefront signage might not immediately seem like an important factor in a business – it’s just a building. Yet surprisingly, attractive storefront signs can be one of the largest indicators of a store’s success: according to the Sign Research Foundation, businesses that add or update their signs for their business see a 10% increase in sales.

Below, we explore three types of businesses that rely on storefront signage to convey information to customers, and how they achieve success using these methods.

Real Estate Signage offers an elegant solution for advertising space during construction

Real Estate Signage

According to a 2016 Survey of Construction from the Census Bureau, it takes 15 months on average to complete a multifamily building. For larger projects, this can take far longer.

With so much time and money put into the development of real estate, very little of that might actually be going into the sale or rental of that property. While people may be selling this space through other methods, marketing efforts need to consider the effect on a local level.

When a property goes up in a neighborhood, people want to know what is going on. What is this building for? Will new retail stores be opening up on the ground level? Will the upper levels be residential or commercial space? When people ask these questions, they are also intuiting how these changes might affect their lives. Maybe that spot on the corner is exactly where they want to move their home or business.

Putting vinyl signs in front of a new development is an invitation for growth. It alerts potential buyers to a change that they can make actionable decisions around.

Exterior Storefront Signage draws customers in by feeding their appetite for new and exciting products and services

Retail Storefront Signage

People rely on visual information to make decisions. They look to signs for where they eat, where they buy clothes, and where they can and cannot go. In a report on consumer perceptions of signage, over 61% of Americans have failed to find a business simply because signs were too small, illegible, or not present.

With businesses relying on online listings to signal new customers to their stores, physical advertising has taken a back seat to storefront signage. Yet these same things are the first thing people will notice when they pass by a retail location, and can also be the exact things that make them pass through your doors.

Physical advertising is not dead – seemingly resisting digital trends, painted signs, vinyl clings, and banners are in the midst of a renaissance. Why is this the case? Despite beliefs that things are moving to our smart phones, exterior building signage is just as important as it has ever been – it draws customers by catching the eye in ways that staring at a screen cannot capture.

Who does your business speak to? Interior Signage does the talking for you with compelling graphics

Interior Signs

The reasons for using exterior signs are fairly simple: businesses use enticing images to drive in foot traffic. But why would a business want to use interior signs? Is this a waste of money, or part of a larger strategy?

The opinions of a customer or client that enters your store do not stop forming once they’re inside. Interior signage can help add value to their overall experience, enhance the ambiance, and provide helpful information.

Nowhere is this clearer than a quick serve restaurant. When you enter the store, you will likely form a queue while you wait to be served. Providing clear instructions on what menu options are available or dining instructions will speed up transactions, which can be beneficial during rushes throughout the day. Faster lines and more dining space equate to happier customers, making them more likely to return.

This is but one example of how interior graphics can enhance the customer experience. Some offices like to place company values on the wall, benefitting workers and potential clients alike. A fun image can add to a playful atmosphere, enhancing company culture.

Interior signs help people navigate areas, increase their experience, and inform viewers.

Storefront Signage Signals Sales

Banners, vinyl signs, acrylic signs, car clings – there are more options than ever to get your voice out in the world. Our work has proven that graphic images are here to stay. With advances in printing technology, can capture our attention in new and exciting ways.

At Bishop Image Group, we are experts at designing, printing, and installing business graphics. While we’re a Chicago sign company, we help companies across the country. From industries from real estate to retail, we get the job done before the deadline at affordable rates. Contact us today to learn more about our services.