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Floor Graphics

Floor graphics offer advertising, wayfinding, and fun just below your visitors’ feet.

Floor Graphics

Permanent or Temporary Non-Slip Messaging

Floor graphics provide incredible opportunities to elevate your business and your brand. They are designed to be used in high-traffic areas to promote a product or service, to help visitors find their way through your building, or simply to send a fun or optimistic message that makes your brand more memorable.

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Long-Lasting Graphics

Long-lasting floor graphics are designed for high-traffic areas and with non-slip finishes.

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Space Saving Design

Save wall space by putting a highly visible message below your visitors’ feet.

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Wayfinding Made Fun

Add a fun element to your traditional wayfinding with directional arrows or text.

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Highly Customizable

Floor graphics come in every size, shape, and color to better suit your unique needs.

High Visibility Floor Graphics

Despite their location, floor graphics are impossible to miss – especially when printed in bold colors and fun shapes. To learn more about these signs or to get a quote for your floor graphics, reach out to Bishop Image Group today.

Impeccable Quality

We source the best quality materials and use tried-and-true processes for the best results.


Experienced Team

Our experienced team of designers and printers can help you achieve your signage goals.

At Bishop Image Group, we combine 25 years of expertise with unmatched customer service and top-quality signage. Experience our fearless commitment to achieving excellence.