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Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Graphic design trends wax and wane like any other aesthetic medium – what trends do you need to know in 2022? Just like popular movie genres shift over the years (goodbye cowboys, hello superheroes) graphic design trends develop to mirror dominant cultural trends.

After two years in a state of lockdown, 2022 is already proving to be a year full of playful, colorful, and exuberant design preferences. From unusual fonts, to bright candy colors, to a bit of ‘90s nostalgia, here are the graphic design trends that you need to know in 2022.

5 Graphic Design Trends in 2022

#1 Unusual Typography

Many design trends for 2022 emphasize expression and reinvention. That’s why playful typography is having such a moment. Most advertising signage involves text in some shape or form, so playful typography seeks to challenge expectations and play with color, texture, and scale to create memorable text.

The trend for whimsical typography does not come at the expense of legibility. Instead, bold graphics and contrasting colors help emphasize certain letters or words to make them jump out at the viewer. Creative typography breaks the mold without losing the essence of the message. Whether the text has mismatched lettering, missing letters, or stylized characters, the typography trend in 2022 is effortlessly fanciful.

#2 Candy Colors

Coming out of quarantine felt like Dorothy entering a technicolor Oz after leaving sepia-toned Kansas. This feeling of rejuvenation is echoed in the current trend for candy-colored designs. From bubble-gum pink, to lime green, to cherry red, candy colors are providing a bright pop to current graphic designs.

Candy colors represent the exuberance and youthful energy that many brands are hoping to convey in 2022. Beautiful when used for lettering, 3D images, or illustrations, candy colors are sure to make you smile.

#3 Art Deco Revival

Everything old is certainly new again. In addition to bright colors and wild fonts, 2022 graphic design trends are embracing a bit of 1920s nostalgia. The new spin on art deco design features strong lines, geometric graphics, and metallic highlights.

Harkening back to the old posters of the ‘20s and ‘30s, art deco designs include stylized imagery and bold monochromatic backgrounds. The current trend takes inspiration from geometric elements and eye-catching designs reminiscent of old travel advertisements and movie posters.

#4 ‘90s Nostalgia

Unlike the art deco craze, ‘90s nostalgia pulls on a more recent past. The return of bucket hats, neon colors, bubble letters, and grainy images all call to mind the height of the 1990s. Perhaps it’s because millennials are looking fondly back at their youth, but there’s no doubt that ‘90s trends are making a splash in the design landscape of 2022.

‘90s design influences include bold color blocks, pixelated graphics, and nostalgia for early forms of technology. Many ‘90s-centric designs feature an homage to early desktop browsers, with numerous textboxes, strong borders, and pixelated fonts. For the ultimate ‘90s flare, slap on a Memphis design pattern for good measure. 

#5 3D Characters

With the rise of imaginative fonts and jewel-bright color schemes comes the rise of 3D characters in graphic design. Whether they’re a mascot for your brand or part of an individual advertising campaign, adding cute, appealing, brightly colored 3D characters to your graphics is all the rage in 2022.

Part of the 3D character craze includes mixing and matching 3D characters with 2D backgrounds. Combining 2D and 3D graphic design aesthetics playfully subverts expectations, while pulling upon both nostalgic elements and modern design. This mix and match approach is also a great way to include more polished 3D elements in your design, while still taking advantage of the speed and price-point of 2D designs.

Embracing a New Year of Graphic Design Trends for Your Business: Choose Bishop Image Group in 2022

While we don’t expect you to undergo a total aesthetic overhaul every year, utilizing design trends for advertising and business signage is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your image and attract new customers. At Bishop Image Group, we’re dedicated to outfitting your business with top-quality signage.

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