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Summer Event Signage Ideas to Improve the Attendee Experience

Summer is just around the corner! This means outdoor events are about to be in full swing. One of the best ways to improve the attendee experience at your next summer event is to use well-designed signage effectively. Your signage strategy can help provide directions and important information about the event and label important areas like food courts, bathrooms, and parking lots. 

There are a number of different summer event signage ideas that you can use to improve the attendee experience. 

In this blog post, we will discuss a few of the most popular options to ensure all attendees have an amazing time. Using the right signage can help your attendees have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Why Summer Event Signage is Important 

Summer event signage helps improve the overall experience for attendees looking to have fun. Signage can provide clear directions, inform attendees of rules, and what activities and attractions are available at the event. In addition, signage can improve the flow of people and ensure that everyone is aware of safety procedures.

Signage can also be used to highlight event sponsors and promote their brands. This can be done by giving sponsors their own signage space or by using their branding on larger event signage throughout the event. This helps build awareness for their brand and might even increase sales if done properly. If this is a recurring event, it can also help keep sponsors around for future events.

Signage can also be used to create a positive atmosphere. The use of bright colors, large banners, and well-designed visuals can create a welcoming environment for attendees. This helps create a memorable experience for them, leading to repeat visitations to future summer events. 

Having proper signage can also help increase the event’s visibility and reach. Eye-catching graphics on large banners can be used to help draw more attention to the event. This can help attract more people and help the event to become even more successful. 

Creative Summer Event Signage Design Ideas for a Better Attendee Experience

When planning an event, it’s important to consider your signage strategy. Here are some creative signage design ideas to help create a memorable experience at your summer event.

Retro Signage 

Try using retro signage to add a bit of nostalgia and style to your event. Using vintage-style fonts, patterns, and colors will help your event stand out and create an inviting atmosphere.

Interactive Signage

To help boost engagement and promote conversation, create interactive signage. For example, create a large QR code that encourages attendees to post on social media using a branded hashtag or visit the event’s website for exclusive content.

Vinyl Signage 

Vinyl banners have a reputation for crisp, high-quality graphics and bright colors that display designs well. They command attention from a long distance through dense crowds.

Themed Signage 

Consider what you want your signage to achieve. And use color psychology to create a cohesive color palette that aligns with your signage goals. Themes with distinct logos and graphics also open up marketing opportunities to increase brand awareness.

3 Tips for Effective Signage Placement

While you may have the most brilliant summer event signage ideas, their effectiveness will depend on the placement of your signs. Here are three tips for effective signage placement:

  1. Signs placed at the entrance of your event should provide guests with the information they need before they enter. For example, event name, directions, ticketing information, and any health and safety protocols. 
  2. Place signs to clearly label frequently used areas like bathrooms, food locations, or popular attractions. This makes it easier for guests to navigate the event.
  3. Utilize the floor space of your event venue to create an interactive display with your signs. This will make sure that your summer event signs are not overlooked by your guests.

Summer Event Signage from Bishop Image Group

Signage is important in improving the attendee experience by providing engaging visuals that allow attendees to navigate the event. 

With more than 20 years of experience, the team at BIG is dedicated to providing customers with unique signage at an affordable cost. If you are interested in creating eye-catching signage for your next summer event, contact the experts at Bishop Image Group. We can design and print high-visibility signage for navigation, information, and more.