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Display and Placement of Business Signs

Well-designed signs are an integral part of every successful business, and the display and placement of business signs is paramount to their efficacy. From increasing brand-awareness, to providing wayfinding information, to displaying product details, signs provide your customers with the information they need for a pleasurable shopping experience. Needless to say, business signs should be easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, and placed in a conspicuous location. Depending on the type of signage you’re using, you may need to adjust the placement to make your business more accessible.

With so much to keep in mind, sign selection can feel overwhelming for business owners who are just starting out. After all, it’s just one small element of running a profitable company. But when it comes to all things sign-related, we’ve got your back. From outdoor banners to indoor wall mounts, here is our guide to utilizing the best signage techniques for your business.

Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor business signs should make a statement and direct customers to your doorstep. Above all, outdoor signs need to be noticeable and easy to read.


First things first, decide on the purpose of your outdoor signage. If you’re hoping to attract customers passing on a nearby road or highway, you might want to opt for a large banner closer to the street. For easy identification for pedestrians, outdoor signs can be placed in front of your business to indicate its location, or above your business.

Common outdoor signs include:


Designing an outdoor sign is a blend of aesthetic considerations and accessibility. We recommend keeping the sign simple and striking for maximum visual impact.

Indoor Business Signs

Indoor signs are only seen by customers who have already entered your premises. Therefore, indoor signs don’t need to be as flashy as outdoor signs, and can instead focus on relaying info to your customers. Just like outdoor signs, indoor signs rely on clear lettering, sleek graphics, and contrasting colors to relay important information to clients.


Indoor signs are usually placed strategically on the walls, behind the counter, or even on the floor inside a business. Wayfinding signs are often mounted along the walls to point customers in the right direction, or adhered to the floor to help customers maintain social distance or locate the start of a line. Signs placed behind the counter often offer customers additional information about the items offered at the business or company policies. Directories or maps can be placed in the atrium of larger buildings to aid customers in locating your business.

Indoor signs include:


Indoor signs should provide information without being too flashy or complex.

Following the Signs with Bishop Image Group

Finding the best signs for your business shouldn’t be a cause of stress. That’s why at Bishop Image Group we pride ourselves on our ability to provide first-rate results to our customers across the country. In a rush? At BIG we frequently work with tight deadlines, using our teamwork and problem-solving skills to deliver quality signs even on the tightest schedule. From outdoor advertising to indoor informational signs, our team at BIG is here to provide all your signage needs.