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Street Pole Banners: 3 Ways to Stake Your Claim

Eye-catching street pole banners are a charming way to advertise your business. Pole banners are versatile, customizable, and timeless, making them an excellent tool for widespread brand awareness.

Unlike other signage options, pole banners are easy to switch-up with the seasons. Their lightweight design makes them simple to update, and their elevated location makes them highly visible to both pedestrians and drivers.

Thinking of using pole banners in your next add campaign? Here are three ways to use banners as effective signage solutions.

Street Pole Banners 101

Before we dive into banner locations, here’s a quick overview of common materials and mounting techniques.


Pole banners are designed to be durable and weatherproof. Since most pole banners are hung alongside roadways or in outdoor public areas, it’s essential that they withstand the elements and maintain their vibrancy and clarity. Most pole banner signs are made from either vinyl or polyester fabric, and can be processed with UV printing techniques to prevent fading over time.


Like many outdoor signs, it’s crucial to make your pole banners visually striking and easy to read. Bright colors, bold fonts, and simple graphics are all excellent choices for effective pole banner signage. To streamline the design process, decide what purpose your pole banners need to serve. Are they offering directions? Advertising an upcoming event? Demarcating a campus or shopping center? Make sure the information you’re communicating is presented concisely, and stick to a “less is more” mentality when finalizing your design. 

Hanging Methods

Most pole banners are secured with either grommets or pole pockets.


Pole banner signs need to be visible in order to be effective. To facilitate 360° visibility, successful pole banners are often double sided. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the size of the sign. Remember, pole banners are often displayed at least 13’ above ground, and need to be large enough to be legible from a distance.

Common Places to Hang Street Pole Banners

Pole banners are fantastic advertising and wayfinding solutions in a myriad of situations.

#1 Along Avenues

Relaying information to busy commuters is challenging. Although billboards are certainly an effective method for roadside advertising, they only provide a fleeting glance before commuters zip past. Alternatively, pole banners offer consistent advertising stretching down avenues, parkways, and streets. Regularly spaced light poles all displaying the same pole banner provide curious drivers the opportunity to see the details of an advertisement more than once. Make sure you get approval from your city planning department to place pole banners in public areas.  

#2 In Shopping Areas

Pole banners provide quaint atmosphere to town centers, main streets, and popular shopping districts. Banners in these locations might advertise a local event or festival, or demarcate a historic neighborhood. Since it’s relatively simple to swap out pole banners, they’re a great way to add seasonal ambiance to any location.

#3 On College Campuses

College campuses are a perfect location to utilize pole banners. Strategically placed banners can advertise campus-wide events like commencement, theatrical performances, or concerts. Banners on college campuses are also a great way to differentiate the campus from the surrounding town or city, or to give directions to administrative buildings. This helps visitors feel welcomed when they step on campus for the first time.

Designing Your Pole Banner Signs with Bishop Image Group

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