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Commercial Real Estate Development Signs

For property renters and homebuyers alike, commercial real estate development signs are beacons that provide information about the developer and the property. Often, your real estate sign is the first impression your company makes on a prospective buyer, so it’s important to start off on the right foot. Much like a business card, these signs need to be visually appealing, easily legible, and provide crucial contact information.

If you’re hoping to upgrade your commercial real estate development signage, here’s our guide on how to create dynamic, eye-catching signs that will influence buyers and increase business.

Varieties of Commercial Real Estate Development Signs

Real estate development signs generally need to be visible to pedestrians and drivers and easy to transport to a variety of locations. There are a few signage categories that are particularly popular as choices for commercial real estate since they are timeless and simple to install.

Colonial Post Sign – Colonial post signs are a popular choice for real estate, since they are attractive and sturdy. Colonial post signs look like an upside-down L, with the sign hanging on the arm parallel to the ground.

Framed Sign – Framed signs are designed with a border of wood or metal framework around the sign, and are anchored into the ground with two long legs.

A-Frame Sign – Commonly known as sandwich board signs, A-frame signs are fantastic for capturing pedestrians’ attention.

Sizing and Placement

The size of your sign will depend on the sign’s location as well as your budget. Standard commercial real estate signs usually clock-in at 36” x 48”, but can be customized to meet your unique specifications. Remember, opting for standard sizing is usually more cost-effective since you won’t need to pay for customization.

Sign placement is fairly straightforward. It’s all about making your sign as visible as possible! This means avoiding shrubs, flowers, and bushes, and placing your sign close enough to the road to be legible while driving.


Since most commercial real estate development signs are displayed outside, they need to be weather resistant and highly durable. Consider materials that are rust-proof, and won’t fade in intense sun. Signs themselves are often made of vinyl or composite resins, while frames are fabricated using weatherproofed wood or powder-coated steel. Choose materials that are built to last, and can be treated to withstand the elements.

Sign Design

Quality commercial real estate development signs are crisp, concise, and visually appealing.

Font Choice

Successful fonts should be elegant and easy to read. Avoid ornate lettering and cursive fonts, and stick with straightforward sans serif options. For a striking visual impact, lettering should contrast with the background color, and be large enough to read from the street.


Graphics on professional real estate signs need to be clean and simple. Remember, you don’t want to distract your prospects with intricate images or busy patterns. Choose a relevant image, like a picture of the agent affiliated with the property. Better yet, utilize this opportunity to spread brand awareness and include your logo on the sign.

Crucial Information

Above all, your sign is a tool for communication. To this end, it’s essential to provide current contact information to your prospects without going overboard. Signs should include a phone number at the very least, and may include a mailing address or email address as well. Remember, when it comes to text, less is more!

QR Codes

Have more information than you can fit on your sign? Post a QR code so interested prospects have the option to scan for more info, visit your website, and connect through social media.  

Commercial Real Estate Development Signs at Bishop Image Group

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