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4 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth or Kiosk Shine

With COVID-19 restrictions coming to a close, trade shows are ramping up around the country, and companies are hard at work to ensure that their trade show booth or kiosk shines above the rest.

Trade shows are massive events, and your trade show booth or kiosk can quickly blend in to the background if you don’t make a dramatic presence. Finding a reliable printing shop can ensure that you not only get visually compelling graphics, but also get the printing job completed on time, every time.

What are the best ways to make your trade show booth or kiosk make a lasting impression? In this blog, we not only outline strategies for making a booth stand apart, but other considerations to draw as much traffic as possible.

4 Strategies that Go Beyond Just the Trade Show Booth or Kiosk

Prepare in Advance

Attending a trade show is more than just showing up and expecting the best – to get the best results, you should be preparing well in advance rather than rushing it last minute.

When people typically think about a trade show, they only consider their presence at the show, and possibly building relationships that will propel their sales moving forward. This is insufficient. Instead, you need to consider three distinct stages of trade show attendance:

Fortune favors the prepared. While Bishop Image Group can help you create your trade show booth or kiosk on a time deficit, you’ll thank yourself later for taking the time to plan a detailed strategy around your presence at a trade show.

Announce Yourself Through Social Media

Trade shows can be massive events. How are you going to make sure prospective clients know where you are, and how will you draw them to your booth?

Social media is a powerful tool for drawing attention to your trade kiosk. Anyone attending your event should be posting about where their booth will be located on their own social media, at minimum.

What other, less conventional ways can you reach your audience? Think beyond simply announcing your attendance on your company’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. Email campaigns can be a very effective way to connect with prospective clients, allowing you to control the cadence of when they receive messaging. For instance, the night before the trade show, you can send an email alerting people where your trade booth is, keeping you top of mind.

Choose The Right Staff

In a world characterized by Zoom calls and remote working, people forget the power that a magnetic personality can hold over a group of people in-person. Finding the best person to man your booth is critical for your success.

The objective of your trade show should be to form connections that can lead to long-lasting business relationships. This means that you should choose people who are naturally good at attracting attention and are conversational.

The best people to man your booth may not be your best closer, but instead think about your best “people-person”, someone who can stand on their feet behind a booth rather than sitting down, and have the energy to push through busy trade show days.

Don’t Skimp on the Trade Booth

At trade shows, standing out makes all the difference between success and failure. Having a booth with bold, vibrant graphics that naturally draws the eye can help whoever is manning it speak to more people and form more connections.

At Bishop Image Group, we specialize in printing everything from banners to event graphics. Trade show kiosks are one of our specialties. We understand exactly what it takes to bring success to your project, and we can help you be the star of the show with our innovative xPrint Methodology.

No matter where you are, or what your timeline is, we deliver the best results. Contact us today for more information about our services.

Making an Impact with Your Trade Show Booth or Kiosk

Success at a trade show is measured by paying attention to the little details. Are you making an effort to draw attention to yourself before the show has even started? How are you following up after the show has been finished?

These details may seem minor, but everything from the person manning your booth to the booth’s visual appeal can spell the difference between a successful trade show and a lackluster performance.