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How to Leverage Signage to Stand Out at Events & Tradeshows

Don’t Skip the Vinyl Banners

Of all the ways to make your booth stand out in an event or trade show, vinyl banners can be one of the most impactful – at least at first. Vinyl banners are known for their crisp, high-quality graphics and bright colors, and an expertly designed banner can command attention across even the most crowded room. You can use a banner as your booth’s primary signage by hanging it up high, or you can place two banners on each side of your booth to keep with your chosen theme. Vinyl is also incredibly durable, which means it can travel with you from one trade show or event to the next.  

Create a Signage Theme

If you really want to leverage all your signage, make sure it follows a relevant theme. While bright colors are fantastic, if you use too many of them in your signs, you’ll overwhelm your audience. Instead, use color psychology to your advantage, and choose the colors that portray your theme’s message. Do you want your audience to feel hungry? Opt for red. Do you want your product, company, or offering to come across as trustworthy? Go with brown or purple as your theme color instead. Make sure you build your theme around your value proposition and what you’re offering to the crowd. 

Don’t Make it Complicated

One of the worst things you can do with your event or trade show signage is cram a ton of information onto dozens of signs spread around your booth. Keep things simple. The more you try to say with your signage, the more your booth is going to blend into the background. There are dozens of booths in a relatively small space, and each one has its own unique theme, color palette, and message. Don’t overwhelm people who are visiting your booth; make it easy for them to understand the message efficiently and effectively instead.

Include Digital Information

While the signage at an event or trade show should be mostly physical in nature, it provides a fantastic opportunity to introduce people to your website, your email address, and even your social media accounts. One of the very best tips for making it easy for people to connect with you on the digital front involves creating a QR code that you can put on your signage. When visitors scan the code with their camera apps, you get to decide where it takes them. You can send them to your website if you want, or you can create a landing page specific to the event or trade show that will help you capture information and leads. 

Leveraging your signage to stand out at a trade show is all about creating a theme, keeping things simple, and using creative design to grab visitors’ attention. If you’re interested in professional signage for your next event or trade show, reach out to the experts at Bishop Image Group. We specialize in trade show signage and graphics, and we can help you make sure your next event is a hit.