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The Power of Signage in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate relies on signage in a variety of ways. Signs point potential investors and business owners toward an available commercial listing. They indicate which real estate agents or developers to contact to check out the property. They also provide specs showing potential buyers what the property has to offer. Utilizing eye-catching signage in real estate sets your property apart from others, making it a quicker sell.

Let’s break down how to use signage in commercial real estate. We’ll discuss how a sign affects curb appeal, the types of real estate signs that are used, and tips for creating effective real estate signage.

The Importance of Signage Placement

Commercial real estate is all about “location, location, location”. Effective signage can help create a strong first impression of the property, showcase its unique features, and communicate important details such as availability and pricing. Additionally, it can be used within a property to help direct visitors, label spaces and showcase tenants and occupants.

Well-designed and strategically placed signs can help capture the attention of passersby and draw them to the property, increasing the chances of generating leads and ultimately closing a deal. Signage can also help establish the property’s brand and identity, making it easier for potential tenants or buyers to remember and recognize it in the future. You may display signage in the following locations to attract attention:

Types of Real Estate Signs

There are many different types of commercial real estate signage. Below are some of the most common types:

To be most effective, signs should always be posted in easy to spot locations and should be designed in such a way that they’re readable from the street and sidewalks. Prominent placement is important, as is use of contrasting colors and legible fonts.

Tips for Designing Effective Real Estate Signs

Below are a few tips for designing effective real estate signs.

The Benefits of Using Professional Printing and Signage Services

Although commercial real estate signage may sound easy to design, many struggle to create signs that are easy to read and useful to the audience that would be paying attention to them. The best way to ensure that your sign is as effective as possible is to work with a professional printing and signage service to get your sign designed, printed, and installed.

Bishop Image Group has done it all, from commercial real estate signage and high rise signage plastered across a building to storefront signage intended to drive customers through your front door. Contact us today to request a free quote on your real estate signage. We’re here to help!