Bishop Image Group

Celebrating 20 Years of Bishop Image Group

This January marks the 20th anniversary of Bishop Image Group. Beginning in 2002, our mission has been simple: provide the highest quality service on timelines that beat out the competition. We owe our success to our clients. Thank you for continuing to trust us with your signage needs. Here’s to another two decades of Bishop Image Group!

To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve created a new logo that we feel better represents the singularity of our service:

We wanted to showcase some recent highlights of our work. Over the course of our work, technologies have changed, and signage needs with it. We’re constantly looking for new ways to engage with printing technologies, and are pleased to announce the introduction of our new printing machine soon!

See some of our recent work below!

School Signage

We may have access to some of the most advanced printing technology, but we’re not afraid to create signage that’s a bit more old-school. The Hamline Elementary School is named after the school’s founder, a lawyer educated in Chicago who would become a famous alderman for the Third Ward. We printed and installed this sign on a timeline that worked for our client!

Fitness Center Signage

Frosted windows are a great form of signage for partially obfuscating whatever is going on behind it – perfect for fitness center signage that offers partial privacy for those within. We installed this signage in an office building down in the loop – a perfect incentive for those returning to the office!

Lobby Signage

There’s no better way to greet incoming visitors than attractive lobby signage. Paired with comforting beige woodwork, our sign provides a comfortable return-to-office for this shared workspace.

Taking Bishop Image Group Forward

While the world may look a bit different than it did 20 years ago, we’re excited to keep pushing the limits of commercial printing. Are you looking for signage? Contact us today to learn more about our services.