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What Can Wide Format Printing Do?

Wide format printing is one of the newest printing methodologies, and has quickly grown in popularity – today, the global market for large format printing has grown to over $50 billion dollars.

Without the same printing constraints as earlier printing, wide format printing helps make your vision a reality at scale. Thanks to its versatility, these types of printers can be used for a large variety of applications, such as vehicle cling wraps, storefront signage, trade show graphics, and more. It has even been used for office graphics, and can double as a wall covering!

With so many options at your disposal, is wide format printing the right choice for your business? In this blog, we answer a few questions about wide format printing and how it benefits organizations of all shapes and sizes.

What is Wide Format Printing?

Wide format printing, also known as large format printing, is a type of printing with a maximum print roll width generally between 18” and 96”. Images are applied by a computer-controlled system that spray onto stock that is rolled out into a printer.

While printing in a wider format means more surface area is covered in ink, this type of printing is generally pretty fast and efficient, meaning that jobs can be completed in a relatively minimal amount of time.

Although the time it takes to print may be speedy, considerations should be made around installation. With more area to play with, installation for these types of jobs generally takes longer, and should be handled by professionals.

Design Choices for Wide Format Printing

Because wide format printing is considerably larger than other methods of printing, designers need to take careful consideration around the graphical elements pertaining to large formats.

Wide format printing generally uses UV inks that are bright, easy to read, and resistant to damage from sunlight and weather. The range of colors give designers a vast spectrum of options to play with, but with that freedom comes additional considerations that relate to both the viewer and installation.

Wide format printing is big and bold, meaning that it should emphasize the graphical elements of a sign. Printing in a wide format should take advantage of images that speak to an audience, as opposed to signs that rely on language alone to convey a message.

The larger size means that greater attention should be taken to eliminating visual makes in design files. For instance, some files can become pixelated when they are blown up from a smaller file. While this may not be noticeable from a great distance, it can look unprofessional when seen up close.

Additionally, because it is a larger type of printing, installation should be handled carefully to ensure that it is applied to surfaces properly. Errors tend to be more pronounced with the larger amount of surface area.

Applications for Large Signage

As printing technology has evolved, so have the options for new surfaces to print on. Where once advertising was relegated to billboards and print ads, wide format printing allows a much larger array of options for getting your message out into the world.

Large format printing is often used for store signage that covers the windows and invites guests into an establishment. Advances in materials can allow for some interesting applications, such as being able to look out without viewers being able to look in. It can also decorate the interiors of buildings, adding a pop of visual flair that can inform and instruct visitors to any given establishment.

Because of the scale of large format printing, printing jobs like trade show signage can now be blown up to make an even louder impact. It can cover surfaces that aren’t flat, like the exterior of a vehicle. Large format printing means that you don’t have to restrict your message to two dimensions.

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