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Four Essential Considerations for University Signage

Clear, informative, and visually appealing university signage is an important element for creating an inclusive and navigable academic environment. Universities across the country benefit from accessible and eye-catching signs that provide useful wayfinding information while also serving as a branding opportunity for the institution.

Selecting ADA compliant signs that nevertheless cohere with the overall aesthetic of the university is the best way to outfit an institution with effective signage.

Looking for the perfect university sign solutions? Here’s our short guide to the 4 essential considerations for selecting the best university signage.

#1 Focus on Navigation

University campuses are notoriously expansive, and include numerous academic buildings, dormitories, and dining halls. Finding quads, lecture halls, and dorm rooms may present a stressful task when faced with so much real estate to navigate.

This is why it’s important to focus on navigation when outfitting university signs. From wayfinding signs that point to landmarks like the science quad or dining hall, to building identification placards, to dorm room numbers, navigational signage is an essential element of any functional campus.

Common navigational signs include:

#2 Emphasize Branding in University Signage

All universities have a specific logo, crest, or color scheme that encourages school spirit and demarcates their brand from other institutions. Well-designed signs should emphasize branding elements by including logos and school colors. Brand-specific signs delineate university campuses, particularly in areas with more than one large institution.

Branding-conscious signs help identify academic buildings, and alert visitors to the boundaries of campus. These signs are useful for raising brand awareness and reassuring guests that they are in the correct location when visiting. Plus, brand-oriented signs are an essential element of print and social media advertising campaigns. Including a school-specific sign in the background of an image is a fantastic way to alert others to your school pride without being over-the-top.

#3 Prioritize Accessibility

No matter what kind of sign you’re installing, signs on university campuses need to prioritize ADA compliance and offer accessible wayfinding information to everyone. ADA compliant signs should be easy to read, provide safety information, and be accessible for individuals who are alternatively-abled.

Successful ADA compliant signs include:

ADA compliant signs make a university campus a more inclusive place, and enable a wide variety of students to enjoy a successful academic career.

#4 Include Banners and Posters

Banners and posters are some of the most effective short-term signs available to advertise events and organizations on campus.

Banners: are usually made from a sturdy vinyl material which gives them longevity even in outdoor locations. Banners are not too expensive, and can be manufactured in a wide variety of vibrant colors to provide an eye-catching pop. Since vinyl is typically a weatherproof material, banners are a great option for events happening outside on campus all year round.

Posters: Need to spread the word about something, fast? Posters are a fantastic DIY solution to advertising student-led clubs, events, and parties. Posters are a staple feature of many college campuses, and are often posted at random points throughout campus to attract the most attention. A huge benefit of using posters is that they are easy to create yourself and require very little lead time to manufacture.

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