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Requirements and Benefits of High Rise Signage

Every building tenet knows that signing the lease is only the first step when it comes to moving into their new space. For professionals moving into a high rise living or office space, one of the most essential considerations is posting adequate high rise signage in the facility. Building signs need to perform multiple functions including: providing wayfinding information, alerting visitors to safety features, and providing branding for the facility.

High rise signage includes two different types of signs: those for advertising openings in the building, and general requirements for any large building.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the requirements and benefits to consider when installing your high-rise signage. With proper wayfinding and building identification signage, visitors navigating the facility will have a positive and stress-free experience.

Requirements for High-Rise Signage

In general, high-rise signage requirements prioritize accessibility and safety. With clearly labeled exits, fire safety signs, and building identification signs, you can rest assured that guests will be able to navigate the building with ease.


Building a new facility entails including modifications to accommodate alternatively-abled visitors. Accessibility information signs may point to wheelchair-accessible entrance ramps, guide visitors to accessible restroom facilities, or ensure that visitors take an accessible elevator. The aim is to inform visitors of the building’s accommodations so they can navigate the space safely and comfortably.

Exit Signs

In case of fire, extreme weather, power outages or other unforeseen circumstances, it’s required to have clearly labeled exit signs visible to all visitors. Exit signs might indicate fire exits or alternative routes like stairways, and should efficiently lead visitors and workers to safety.

Control Room / Fire Hose Storage / Fire Doors

Some signs inform emergency responders of the location of vital equipment and resources. For example, all fire doors should be clearly labeled so visitors don’t obstruct important entrance points. Fire hose storage and fire extinguishers should be clearly labeled and in accessible locations for emergency response. Other integral facility features like electrical controls should be similarly labeled, so they are easy to locate in an emergency.

Building Identification

Last but not least it’s important to identify your building for visitors. Building identification signs and address numbers should be placed in a visible location on the building’s façade, and may indicate the business housed within the building. For high-rises housing more than one business, exterior identification signs might only include the address of the building and businesses can post their specific information in a directory inside the lobby.

The Benefits of High-Rise Signage

There’s no doubt that safety is the highest priority when it comes to installing signage in your high-rise facility, but safety isn’t the only benefit of effective signage!

Increase Brand Awareness

For high-rises housing a single business, signs are a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand. Brand-oriented signs may include the logo, color-scheme, font, and name of the business, and should quickly differentiate your building from neighboring facilities. Including branding on large high-rises is an easy way to make a statement in marketing, advertising campaigns, and social media posts.

Make a Good First Impression

If your building includes a professional, well-designed identification sign, it makes your business seem more professional and legitimizes your presence. Think of building identification signs as a large-scale business card, they should be clean, elegant, and clearly identify your business for customers.

Indoor signs continue to make a good impression by providing information in an accessible, aesthetically appealing way. Whether visitors are looking for a conference room, restroom, or fire escape, their experience should be enhanced and aided by informative signage.

Provide Positive Experiences

It goes without saying that the clearer and more professional your signs are, the more easily your customers will be able to navigate your facility. When customers feel cared-for and at-ease in a professional setting, they are more likely to engage with your company again and will leave with a positive impression. Signage is part of what shapes a customer’s overall experience in your facility.

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