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4 Sign Ideas for a Small Company or Business

A well-placed sign not only indicates the location of your premises, it presents your customers with a first impression of your business. Whether you’re bold and traditional, quirky and creative, or classic and minimal, signs convey your company’s personality before your customer walks in the door. Partnering with a sign company that understands your need to stand out can help ensure your success.

Looking to upgrade your signage? Here are our top five sign ideas to welcome your customers in style!

Sign Guidelines for a Small Company

Before we dive into creative sign ideas, we need to start with the basics: what makes a good sign?

Choosing the Right Sign for your Company

Selecting the best sign for your business depends on a variety of factors. The location of your establishment, the nature of your business (e.g. food service, retail etc.), and even your business hours all play a part in determining which sign is best for you.

#1 Monument Signs

Monument signs are designed to make a statement. Bold and clean, these unique signs are often placed at the entrance to a business park or property. With high visibility from roadways, monument signs are ideal for businesses who own larger premises. They announce to customers that they’re entering your grounds! Monument signs are built to last, and are often constructed out of foam, wood, or metal.

#2 Sidewalk A-Frame Signs

Perfect for a little café down the street, a local pub, or a new boutique, A-frame signs are targeted towards foot traffic. With plenty of old-fashioned charm, A-frame signs are a great way to convey information about sales or “daily specials.” Want something more customizable? A-frame chalkboard signs offer a rustic and simple way to alter information and inform customers about ongoing events.

#3 Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a perfect way to organize the flow of foot traffic inside your establishment. For larger businesses, floor graphics are a non-obtrusive way to direct guests to amenities or exits. Since most businesses are still implementing COVID-19 precautions, floor decals are also an excellent way to demarcate standing areas for social distancing. Space out lines, or indicate hand sanitizing stations with simple, easy to read floor graphics.

#4 Window Lettering and Decals

Window lettering is the bread and butter of most small storefronts. With endless possibilities available, you can create a highly-personalized and charming exterior with ease. From posting your hours of operation, to incorporating embellishments, window signs convey information to your customers while also serving as decoration. Since these signs are removeable and easy to replace, you can update your look to evolve with the seasons or incorporate new promotions.

Selecting High-Quality Signs with a Sign Company that Cares.

Bishop Image Group isn’t your average sign company. With more than 20 years of experience, the team at BIG is dedicated to providing customers with unique signage at an affordable cost. From installing banners, to decals, to tradeshow graphics, there’s nothing BIG can’t tackle. Plus, with BIG’s innovative and experienced team, you can expect even the most rushed jobs to be completed on schedule.

When it comes to selecting a long-lasting sign that ticks all the boxes, there’s no doubt that Bishop Image Group is right for the job! Contact us today for more information about our services.